Reset your Google Ads account billing

If your Google Ads account on monthly invoicing is inactive for an extended period of time, your billing setup might be deactivated. When that happens, in order to continue using your Google Ads account, you need to create a new billing setup in the account. 

You have two options to set up your Google Ads account: keep the account on monthly invoicing or set it up using manual or automatic payments (see which payment options are available for your country). 

Stay on monthly invoicing

If you want to continue using monthly invoicing for your Google Ads account, you need to have this account linked to a manager account that will be responsible for its billing setup. This manager account is known as a paying manager.

Once you make sure your Google Ads account is linked to the paying manager of your choice, log in to that manager account (as Standard or Admin user) and follow the set up instructions listed in this article.

Switch to manual or automatic payments

If you no longer want to use monthly invoicing with your account, you can set up billing using a manual or automatic payment method (see which payment options are available for your country).

Once you are ready to proceed, follow the instructions on how to add a payment method.

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